>> DoorBell Fon User and Installation Manual

>> DoorBell Fon Troubleshooting

When I press the Door Station button, the phone will ring; however, I cannot talk on the phone.
Check to see if the LED light becomes brighter when the Door Station button is pushed. If this does not occur, check the (+) and (-) connections on the DoorBell Fon Main Controller (black box). This device is polarity sensitive, so you may reverse the (+) and (-) wires. 
If everything checks out ok and the problem persists, report the problems to ACNC Customer Service.

I can communicate with the Door Station, but I cannot get a dial-tone when I pick up the handset of the telephone.
Unplug the power of the controller. If there is still no dial-tone, check the fuses inside the controller.  Replace if necessary. F1 is a .5A/250VAC electrical fuse and F2 is a .25A/250VAC phone fuse.
While unplugging the DoorBell Fon controller listen for a dial tone. While powering up the controller again, puck up the phone handset. If you get the Door Station instead of the dial-tone, then your phone set is a non-standard phone set. Non-standard phone sets will send an incorrect signal to the Doorbell Fon controller. You must replace the phone set to get a dial-tone.

My Caller ID will not work with the DoorBell Fon.
The problem might be caused by the total REN (Ring Equivalency Number) of your telephone devices (answering machine, caller ID, phone sets.) The total REN should be under 4.6. If the total is over 4.6, you will need a ring booster.
If the REN is less than 4.6, replace the F2 phone fuse in the DoorBell Fon Main Controller.
Replace the F2 phone fuse with a 2AG 0.25-0.5A fast blow fuse.
Please contact ACNC Customer Service if replacing the phone fuse does not work.

When the DoorBell Fon is pressed, there is static on the line.
Unplug the controller and turn the plug 180 degrees. Plug it back in.
If you have DSL, the data and phone signal must be split before entering the Main Controller. The phone signal will go to the Main Controller and the data signal will bypass the Main Controller and go to the internet modem.
If you have an alarm system, it needs to be installed in series before the Main Controller on the phone line.
If none of these apply or work, please contact Customer Service.

My phones will not ring
Switch the Tip (T) and the Ring (R) at the DP28-C. Some phones are sensitive to the Tip and the Ring, so by reversing the wires the phones will ring.
Pick up the telephone handset and immediately press the “flash” key or hook switch to communicate with the Door Station.  If you are able to communicate with the Door Station, then your total REN is most likely over 4.6 and you will need a ring booster. Please verify that the sum total REN on all telephones devices connected on the phone line is over 4.6 before purchasing a ring booster.
If you are not able to communicate with the Door Station, please go to the DoorBell Fon Main Controller and quickly short the 2 screws connected to the Door Station with a small piece of wire or paper clip. If the phones ring, please check the connection between the Door Station and Main Controller.
At the Main Controller, disconnect wires coming from terminals labeled “Line Out” or “To Phones.” Check all the phones in the house for a dial tone. If there is a dial tone, please double check all telephone wiring.
Connect a single basic, analog phone set directly to the Main Controller. Press the Door Station button to ring the phone. If the phone does not ring, short the screw terminal at the Controller. If the phone rings, please double-check all connections.
If VoIP is being used, the Main Controller must be installed in between the modem and the phones.
If none of these steps work, please contact Customer Service.

My Door Station makes a funny noise, almost like a motorboat.
This is normal, if it is not a high pitch, squealing.

My Door Station makes a squealing noise or gets a lot of feedback.
If the Door Station faceplate is metal, please locate the R11 potentiometer on the Door Station circuit board. Turn the screw counter-clockwise to get rid of squealing or feedback.
Insulate the microphone from the speaker with electrical tape or foam.  Enlarge the microphone housing hole.
Please contact Customer Service if your Door Station is plastic or if these steps do not solve your problem.

I am having volume problems with my Door Station.
If the Door Station faceplate is metal, please locate the R11 potentiometer on the Door Station circuit board. Turn the screw clockwise to increase the volume.
Check the wiring between the Door Station and Main Controller. Use only one lead for each screw terminal. Do not double up if using twisted pairs.

People inside cannot hear the people outside and/or the people outside cannot hear the people inside.
The microphone, speaker, or circuit board might be bad. Please contact Customer Service.

When I answer an incoming call, I get the Door Station instead of the incoming call.
Reverse the tip and ring wires (usually green and red) in the telephone wall outlet.
If the problem persists, the phone set is likely a non-standard phone set.  Please replace the phone set or contact Customer Service for a special replacement chip.

All my phones ring except my answering machine or cordless phone.
Reverse the tip and ring wires (usually green and red) of that telephone’s wall outlet.

The LED on the Door Station is always brightly lit.
Please contact Customer Service.

The LED on the Door Station does not light up.
Check the (+) and (-) connection.  The LED will not light if the wires are placed incorrectly.
Replace the power fuse (F1 .5A/250VA) in the Main Controller.  Contact Customer Service if this does not resolve the problem.

I am using the Telephone Keypad Relay Trigger/Door Strike Controller.  When I press the “*” key, my electric/magnetic lock will not open.
Please verify that the DIP switch is programmed to the desired key.  The “*” key code is (up, down, up, up).
If using a magnetic lock, please change JP4 from Normally Open (NO) to Normally Closed (NC).
If using a standard corded phone, please hold the “*” key to extend the signal.
If using a cordless phone, please press the “*” at least 3 times quickly.

My phone rings after I release my electric lock/gate and hang up the phone.
Please wait 1 or 2 seconds before hanging up the phone after releasing the lock to allow the signal to finish.

When I am on the phone and someone presses the Door Station, my phone call is cut off instead of getting call-waiting.
Test with a basic, corded phone set (not the phone where calls are being cut off) hooked up directly to the Main Controller in the phone jack labeled “To Phones”or “Line Out”.  If the phone call is not interrupted when the Door Station is pressed, then the other phone is a non-standard phone.  If the problem persists with a different phone set, please contact Customer Service.

The phone keeps ringing but no one is pushing the Door Station button.
If a regular doorbell is being used instead of a Door Station, please remove any lights inside the doorbell.
If any add-on components (DP29-SW/IM, DP29-CI) are being used, remove them one by one and see if the phones keep ringing.  If the phones stop ringing, the last component removed is defective.  Please call Customer Service for replacement information.
Disconnect all wires from Door 1/D1 and Door 2/D2 screw terminals.  If ringing persists, either the Main Controller is defective or brown outs are occurring at the location.  Replace Door Stations if the ringing stops.

After installing a new chip, the phone line never gets released.
Please reseat the new chip and make sure there are no bent pins.

A regular doorbell switch is being used instead of a Door Station, but it does not work properly.
A 330 ohm resistor must be placed in series (one leg) with the doorbell button.

The DoorBell Fon system needs to be hooked up to a PBX system.
Please use a vacant FXO port instead of FXS.  The FXO port may also be know as the CO port or trunk line.
If there is no telephone company line connected to the Main Controller, please use a N8NC chip inside the Main Controller.  Contact Customer Service or your DoorBell Fon provider to order one.

What are the expected terminal voltages on Main Controller

Terminal Pairs


Voltage (DC)

LINE IN/”From TEL. Company”

Not connected


LINE OUT/”To Phones”

LINE IN/”From TEL. Company” not connected


LINE IN/”From TEL. Company”

Connected to telephone company


LINE OUT/”To Phones”

LINE IN/”From TEL. Company” is connected to Telephone Company


LINE OUT/”To Phones”

LINE IN/”From TEL. Company” not connected


LINE OUT/”To Phones”

Phone is off-hook, during conversation


Door 1 (D1) or Door 2 (D2)

Open, not connected to Door Station


Door 1 (D1) or Door 2 (D2)

Connected to Door Station


Door 1 (D1) or Door 2 (D2)

Connected to Door Station with button pushed


How can I make my Door Chime ring when someone pushes the Door Station button?
You can use the DP29-CI Inbound Relay Trigger to activate your Door Chime.  This will make your phones ring as well as your Door Chime and can only be used with 1 Door Station per system.
If I am using the DP29-CI to activate my Door Chime, how do I keep my phones from ringing?
Simply bend out pins 10 and 11 on the removable chip inside the DP28-C DoorBell Fon Main Controller.  This will remove the phone rings as well as call-waiting while only the Door Chime rings.

>> DoorBell Fon Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When newer models of the DoorBell Fon products come out, will they still be compatible with older parts?

A: Yes, all updated versions of DoorBell Fon products are made to work with the older versions.

Q: Can an additional door be added to the system?
A: Yes, one controller can run two door stations. A total of four door controllers (DP28C) can be daisy chained together for a total of eight door zones.

Q: How do I answer the phone or gate?
A: Just like you would a regular phone call, simply pick up your phone. You will automatically be connected to the door station. Even if you have two door stations, just pick up the phone, the controller will be able to tell which door the ring is coming from.

Q: Will I be able to tell the difference between a regular phone call and the door station?
A: Yes, the DoorBell Fon has a distinctive ring tone (e.g. an outside call rings for 1 second on, 2 seconds off; D1 on your controller will ring for 1 second on, 1 second off. D2 will ring 1 second on, ½ second off, 1 second on and 1 second off.).
*Please Note: Some cordless phones will override our distinctive ring tone.

Q: If I have two door stations, how do I know which on is being pressed?
A: Both door stations will give a different ring tone to let you know which door the visitor is at.

Q: What if I pick up the phone after the door stops ringing and I hear a dial tone?
A: The DoorBell Fon will ring your phone 3 times (A 3-ring chip is standard, 1 or 8-ring chips are optional [1 ring p/n: DP28N1H, 8 ring p/n: DP28N8H]). Even after the telephone stops ringing, you will be able to automatically pick up your telephone 20 seconds after the last ring and talk directly to the door station (when the 3-ring chip – DP28N3H is installed.  If you are unable to get to the phone within 35 seconds and you pick up the phone and hear a dial tone, just press the flash button or hook switch within 2 seconds to access the door station 1 or press flash again to access door station 2.

Q: How can I switch between two different door stations?
A: If you have two door stations connected to the DoorBell Fon controller you can switch between them by simply pressing the flash button or hook switch on your phone (when both door stations have been triggered). When a door station has not been triggered you can access each door station following the above instructions.

Q: Will the DoorBell Fon work for me with my phone?
A: DoorBell Fon will work with your regular home telephone, VOIP, single or two-line, PBX or key system.
The DoorBell Fon is NOT compatible with Motorola phones and some 4-line phone sets.
If you have a PBX or KSU a different ring chip must be put in the controller if you don’t have an outside line connected to the DoorBell Fon controller. That part number is DP28N8NC and can be purchase through a distributor or ACNC.

Q: What if I am on the phone and someone comes to my door?
A: The DoorBell Fon has built in call waiting and will operate the same way as call waiting does on your phone. If you are on a call you will hear a distinctive call waiting tone to let you know a visitor is at your door. To answer the door, simply press the flash button on your phone. To go back to your call after you answer the door, once again press the flash button and you will return to the outside line. You do not have to have call waiting service from the Telephone Company for this feature to work.

Q: How will this affect my answering machine?
A: The DoorBell Fon can be connected to an answering machine to answer or greet visitors at your door. You will need to set the machine to answer on 2 rings to let visitors leave a message from the door station. If you do not want your answering machine to greet your door visitors then set your machine to 4 rings when using the standard 3-ring chip (DP28N3H).

Q: Can the DoorBell Fon open my door or gate?
A: Yes, with the purchase of the optional door strike controller (DP29SW/IM) you can unlock the door or gate with the simple press of the * (star) key or any of the other key which can be programmed according to the DP29SW/IM instructions. For cordless phone you may need to press the * (star) key three times in a row. Up to two doors can be unlocked. Each door station must have a separate door strike controller hooked up to it.

Q: How does the DoorBell Fon know which door to unlock?
A: The controller can differentiate which door station was activated (which door station you are speaking to) and will unlock that door.

Q: Why does my phone ring again after releasing the door lock?
A: You hung up the phone too fast. Wait one or two seconds (depending on your telephone set) before hanging up the phone to let the signal finish.

Q: How does the Doorbell Fon wire into my phone system?
A: Locate where your telephone line (from Telephone Company) enters the premises. This is where you will connect the controller (black box). This device needs to be installed in series on your line as the first device. (Note: If you have an alarm system, the alarm system needs to remain first with the controller following in series) You will need to cut the line that you are putting the controller on. Once cut connect the end coming from outside of the premises to the “from TEL company” position (you may use either the modular jack or screw terminal. Both operate interchangeably). Connect the other end of the line to the “to the phones” position. Now you may mount the controller in a desired location. The controller will need to be installed between where the telephone lines enter the premises and the point of distribution of your telephones.

Q: How many telephones can be connected to the DoorBell Fon?
A: There is no definitive number. This will depend on the total REN on your line. REN stands for Ringer Equivalent Number. This number is part of the FCC certification. You can locate this number on the bottom of your telephone set. It should be listed on the FCC label. The DoorBell Fon operates in a range between 4.6-5.0 REN. If your total REN number on the line exceeds this number you will need a Ring Booster.

Q: How can I get a door chime to ring in addition to having my phone ring?
A: You may want to consider placing a DoorBell Fon Chime Interface (DP29CI) into your system. This device will sound your door bell chime in conjunction with your telephones ringing. This is a modular device that can be added on at any time.

*Please Note: Currently only one door per system can use the DP29CI.

Q: Will my DSL work with the DoorBell Fon System?
A: Yes, but a filter will need to be installed before the DoorBell Fon controller(DP28C) and the voice output of the filter needs to go through the DP28C, then to all the phones in the house.
The data output from the DSL filter should go to the computer or router directly WITHOUT going through the DoorBell Fon controller.

Q: Will VOIP or Cable Company provided phone services work with the DoorBell Fon System?
A: VOIP or Cable Company provided phone services will work with the DoorBell Fon System and should be treated like a regular landline (POTS Line) which goes through the DoorBell Fon controller (DP28C) then to all the phones in the house.

>> Wiring Diagrams